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Student Kit Manual Method

Student Kit Manual Method

Student Kit Manual Method

This kit is designed around the use of our manual hand tools. Manual tools are the least painful when used properly, so we decided to create a kit for permanent makeup artists and students that has a wide selection of needle sizes at an affordable price. This kit is sold at a 30% discounted price of the retail value of items included.

KIT INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING: 1 60 page Home Study Manual(includes course test,legal forms,insurance info, and much more) 1 complete color kit(19 colors, 1/6oz. bottles) 1 Topicaine 5 Anesthetic (1/3oz. tube), 1 each of the following sizes of the USE and TOSS hand tools #8, #10, #12, #12FINE, #14. Also, 2 Black and Yellow manual handles, 5 #12, 5 #12FINE manual needles, 1 White Lighting hand tool combo(includes tool and 1 #12 needle), 1 #48 manual needle(for use with White Lighting hand tool), 50pk large pigment cups, 50pk small pigment cups, 1 plastic cup holder, 2 disposable cup holders, 50pk lip rolls, 25pk regular tip Microbrushes, 25pk fine tip microbrushes, 1 surgical marker, a small size sharps container, 10pk bouffant caps.

This tool kit is the perfect size for someone interested in learning the manual hand method not microblading, or needs to stock up on manual supplies.



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