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J Curl .10 T (1000per container) Close-out Sale

J Curl .10 T (1000per container) Close-out Sale

J Curl .10 T (1000per container) Close-out Sale

CLOSE-OUT J curl lashes have a more natural appearance, and have the least curve. Choose thickness and length to give your client the right combination to enhance their natural beauty. Great lashes for learning. Inexpensive to buy and they look beautiful.



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Length ranges from 6mm to 15mm. Please note that when choosing lash length and thicknes, it is important NOT to load the clients natural lash with heavy, much larger extensions. The natural lashes will only support a limited amount of weight. You must work with what the client already has, and go from there. If working with healthy, thick natural lashes, you have the option to choose some of the larger sizes.

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